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Stuff We All Need ~ Stuff We All Get

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SwanSwag's Mission

SwanSwag takes on "select clientele" to ensure premium consulting services for overall wellness, health & fitness, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, and overall management services.

Melissa Marie, Founder of SwanSwag provides all clientele with the tools they need to get the results they want in all facets of their life.  Each program is customized and tailored to each individual client's specific needs and goals. SwanSwag only uses the highest quality tools, resources, partnerships, and expertise to ensure we offer our clientele premium serviceAll SwanSwag Clients receive free access to our SwanSwag App which makes staying on track and real-time consulting effortless.  

Melissa currently represents many celebrities in film, reality tv, and music. Rates for Personal Training, Wellness, and Meal Prep are detailed on our website.  Client Management rates are quote based since each client's needs are different.  If you are interested in SwanSwag assisting you, please click:  [Get In Touch] button below, and a member from our team will contact you based on your requests.

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