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Private Chef Services


Melissa Marie is passionate about food and nutritional health. One way she is able to directly help her clients with their nutritional health is to be involved in the selection, preparation, and communication of benefits regarding the food her clients consume. Melissa is experienced and knowledgeable throughout the entire nutrition process and can help handle a number of items for her clients aside from just delivering meals, including: grocery shopping, food journals, kitchen setup, and more.

For clients looking to get the best service and the freshest meals, Melissa offers private chef services; on a daily basis, or for special events. Melissa has worked with a number of high-level clients, and continues to do so. She is now offering these services to any clients looking to take their nutritional health to the next level.


Jump-Start Your Nutritional Health

Nutritional health accounts for up to 80% of a person's overall health. There is no way to overstate the importance of a good nutrition and smart eating habits. Melissa Marie fully understands this and puts a strong emphasis on all things nutrition. From customized recipes and cooking videos to pre-cooked meals and personal chef services - SwanSwag has you covered for all things nutrition.

Melissa and SwanSwag have years of experience dealing in nutritional health. Melissa has helped clients of all ages and dietary restrictions, including clients struggling with: diabetes, food allergies, or strict diets (like keto). 

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