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How SwanSwag's Exclusive Fitness App works

Updated: May 15, 2021

SwanSwag's Custom Fitness App is free for all SwanSwag clients. It makes living a healthy lifestyle easy, because you have everything you need conveniently located in one place.

Our Fitness App is also completely interactive giving you direct access to your Personal Trainer.

Your Personal Trainer can also check your progress, provide feedback, answer your questions, and set goals for you in real-time.

All of your workouts will be loaded into your custom interactive calendar. For example, if you prefer one-on-one personal training with your Personal Trainer via zoom, the Zoom Link for each session will be located in your calendar and will go live at the scheduled time. If you requested customized work-out videos from your trainer, the video link showing each exercise in video format with how many repetitions and sets required will be available to you at the scheduled time and date in your interactive calendar.

You can also track your calories, weight, statistics, progress photos, and achievements within our fitness app, and it also links directly with your Apple Watch or Fitbit, so everything is truly located in one place.

If you choose to have your Personal Trainer complete a Wellness Plan or Nutrition Program, it will be available to you in our Fitness App along with any recipes and food selections to make eating out or getting what you need at the grocery store so much easier.

These are just a few of the amazing features available to all of our SwanSwag Clients. Check out our Personal Training Page for more information and take the step to a healthier life by getting started with SwanSwag today!

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