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Meet Melissa Marie

Master Trainer & Founder of SwanSwag

How long have you been Personal Training?

I’ve been personal training since 2003

What made you choose a career in Health & Fitness?

I’ve always wanted to educate myself on how to take care of my body. I was a competitive ballet dancer from childhood to my early adult life and maintaining my athleticism has always been important to me. After giving birth to my first of three sons in 2003, I became a Certified Personal Trainer. After hiring personal trainers for years, I wanted to formally educate myself and ensure I got my pre-pregnancy body back the right way.

Personal Training was always a side hustle, until I left the business world of managing sales teams and launching tech start-ups to follow my passion and go into business for myself doing what I love.

Describe your Personal Training Style:

I truly take a 360 approach with all of my clients. First, I want to understand your goals and what got you to the point of hiring a personal trainer. The next step, is when I take your actual metrics such as body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and your resting heart rate. Once I gather all that information, I take the time to factor in your lifestyle. For example, what is your your schedule like? Do you have time to prepare your own meals? Maybe you have to travel for work and need workouts that can be done anywhere. Whatever the case may be, I will customize a program that works with your specific lifestyle to attain your goals. It’s crucial to factor all of this into your health and wellness program, if you want to maintain and exceed your fitness results. I recently added the SwanSwag Fitness App to my personal training programs to provide my clients with a fully interactive program.

Describe your favorite type of client to train:

I love all my clients!! However, I will say that most of my clients are women. I take my extensive background in personal training, power yoga, and ballet to develop some truly amazing workouts. There is no better feeling than seeing women get their confidence back and make the time to take care of themselves.

Melissa's Accomplishments

  • Female Personal Trainer for 95.9 KISS FM's The Biggest Loser Competition & Trained Competition Winner

  • Rated a Top Female Personal Trainer by "Women Magazine"

  • Published Fitness Model

  • 10+ years formal ballet training, 4-Time Dance Master Competitor

  • Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

  • Certified Counselor

  • Formal Education: Business Management & Communications, Marketing

  • Endospheres Master Certification

Melissa's Services

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