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Customized Wellness Plans

Our Customized Wellness Plans are the perfect way to improve your overall health and wellness for years to come. Each client will receive a Full Health Assessment and Consultation with Melissa [in person or online] Prior to your consultation with Melissa, each client will receive a 7-day food intake log and questionnaire, which helps Melissa understand your current diet, medical restrictions, food allergies, and food preferences. During the consultation, Melissa will take the time to understand each individual client's lifestyle and schedule to ensure your nutrition and workouts are planned accordingly. For example; If you have a family to prepare meals for that may need to be considered, or you may have a hectic work schedule and don't have time to cook, so whatever your situation is, Melissa will factor that in when developing your program. 

Each Program contains the following:

  • 60 Minute Consultation with Melissa

  • 60 Minute Follow-up and Wellness Plan Review with Melissa

  • Your Health Assessment and Metrics

  • Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations

  • Swan Swag Weight Loss Mathematics 

  • Food Intake & Meal Plan Recommendations 

  • Work-out Schedule that fits your lifestyle

  • 3 Customized Workouts specific to your goals

  • Recipes

  • Serving Size Help Guide

  • Diet Friendly Alcohol Choices

  • Tips to stay on track & maintain your healthy lifestyle

  • Healing Foods Education

  • Healing Spices and Herbs Education

  • Monthly Goal Setting Worksheets to help you get organized and de-stress 

  • Education on how to "Elevate your Mood"

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Tips and Trips to de-clutter and de-stress your life

This will take you to my Trainerize Page. Our Customized Wellness Plans are located in Core Products
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